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You need a plan, detect breach early!

IT security and compliance is one of the biggest challenges for businesses today. While most organisations appreciate the importance of ensuring that data is treated with confidentiality, integrity and maintaining high availability, IT security and compliance is one of the most challenging organisational disciplines to understand, implement and maintain.

In order to protect your valuable information from rapidly evolving threat and cyber criminal activity, it is essential that organisations, as well as individuals, stay aware of the threat and implement protective measures to ward against the loss of customer and financial data and intellectual property.

If your data is valuable and your business is connected to the Internet, you're going to be breached. You need a plan, detect breach early and be quick to respond to reduce your risk.

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The Triforce approach to IT security

Triforce provides a dedicated Security specialisation which provides our customers with the right products and services to help protect, optimise and manage your IT security environment.

In conjunction with the enterprise risk capabilities sourced from our partnerships with leading threat intelligence providers combined with world-leading technology vendor partners. Our multivendor approach brings our customers the best mixture of technology and services to proactivity protect and defend business systems, data and intellectual property. Triforce wraps a local industry understanding and best practice intelligence around selected products and services to form a strong portfolio of security solutions.

Triforce follows four major methodologies

Security plans that make sense – by leveraging
the Triforce Security Framework, we customise the most appropriate IT security plan for both your current and future business needs.

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